First IP-based public TETRA network in Africa.

In response to the needs of the market, having taken time to study the radio communication needs of most organisations, we deployed the TETRA communication infrastructure in Nigeria.

What are the philosophies for Public TETRA?

  • MORE SECURE NETWORKS: Most organisations expressed need for a radio communication that is highly secured. Since most company operations e.g., transportation, route planning and report of security issues are communicated via radio.

  • SYSTEM INTEGRATION: Your PABX extension lines can be connected into the system such that once you are holding a TETRA handset or a base, it becomes an extension of your PABX in the office/house or when away from the office.

  • RANGE OF COVERAGE: With our IP-based TETRA system, you are guaranteed coverage to anywhere your imagination can carry you.

  • USE OF MULTIPLE REPEATERS AND MASTS: To achieve good coverage within a city, radio users have hitherto lived with the problem of installing multiple repeaters, masts/towers etc., hence incurring a lot of costs on equipment and licences as well as littering the environment with avoidable high masts/towers. All these add to costs of doing business. Our TETRA solution eliminates this problem.

  • COMMON PLATFORM FOR INFORMATION DISSEMINATION AMONG COMPANIES IN RELATED SERVICES: Companies in related businesses can agree to have a particular code in our TETRA system where at the press of a button, they could all be alerted and be given information of common interest, e.g., riot, armed robbery attack, terrorism scare etc.

TETRA COMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURE WITH with Integrated Command & Control Solution